Hot Wheels – 2011 Ken Block Ford Fiesta (2011 Premiere)

You simply don’t need The Stig when you have Ken Block around. The video below explains everything.

This is what I don’t get – if HW are producing more realistic cars than MB, why do they get models like this still within their range?

Lovely tampos, well proportioned – you have to raise a glass to those at El Segundo that ensure such cars are captured within 1/64. Like most HW’s, this is a fun model and I am sure Block’s adventures can be re-created here with this one.

If the Fiesta can be re-created in this form, why not the standard version for the Matchbox range?

 photo DSC00196_zpsb4d15e25.jpg photo DSC00195_zps20946a33.jpg photo DSC00193_zpsf983190a.jpg photo DSC00192_zps410fdd17.jpg photo DSC00191_zps194fbd73.jpg photo DSC00190_zps9f79cdda.jpg photo DSC00189_zps7035c1a9.jpg photo DSC00188_zpsfbd23cad.jpg photo DSC00187_zpsfbc228f6.jpg photo DSC00186_zps5d8fb00d.jpg photo DSC00185_zps266c0789.jpg photo DSC00184_zps266c662f.jpg


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