Hot Wheels – Toyota Corolla AE86 (2013 City)

I used to own a AE82 Corolla , albeit in 5 door Twin Cam style, so the car has huge significance to me. I didn’t like it at first, but he grew on me and we travelled the land of Australia together.

I shed many a tear when I had to sell him – I still have a photo of him on my wall – you never forget the first car you owned.

So this casting – although the AE86 coupe – is just one I have to have as part of the HW Garage.

Not sure if the Initial D fat exhaust is really necessary, but I love this casting. And it would not look out of place within a pile of Tomica as well.

Good work Mattel – excellent choice.

 photo DSC00206_zps6ee722a6.jpg photo DSC00205_zps337f5311.jpg photo DSC00204_zps966a5b01.jpg photo DSC00203_zps6fbe1688.jpg photo DSC00202_zps0f534939.jpg photo DSC00201_zpsb15ba550.jpg photo DSC00200_zps84d7e39e.jpg photo DSC00199_zps552b31af.jpg photo DSC00198_zpsbef53358.jpg photo DSC00197_zps1ed3ed54.jpg


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