Hot Wheels – 2007 Chevy Tahoe (2013 City)

I have to say that this version is a million times better than the Matchbox one. It is a good weighty casting and as I have stated time and time again on this blog, there is ample room for detailing – over-riders, head and rear lights can be done.

I am sure that if you put your mind to it, this could be converted into a standard civilian version of the actual SUV.

Very pleased with this one and a good addition to the HW Garage.

 photo DSC00223_zps289c2541.jpg photo DSC00222_zps3724409e.jpg photo DSC00221_zps2a000666.jpg photo DSC00220_zps606cd78d.jpg photo DSC00219_zps9670b756.jpg photo DSC00218_zps366e6c83.jpg photo DSC00217_zps74e07e27.jpg photo DSC00216_zpsfa4a3856.jpg photo DSC00215_zps87529bbc.jpg


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