Chalk and cheese – more Matchbox madness

Weekly trickles of information via John Lambert, the current MB Amby, gives us an insight into what to expect from the Matchbox team for 2013.

Pictures are from the Lamley blog –

This model named Ground Grinder is a very good casting I think. There are some that don’t like all the construction models, but I think that there has always been a place for them within the range. And this is a fairly decent casting. This is within the 60th Anniversary line, yet not within main line. Logic defied yet again. I don’t bother asking anymore as there is little point.

The we have the Dump Dozer below:

Two words come to mind – they are “utter”, followed by “shite”. It is claimed that this model is solely aimed at kids, but I actually think that they have missed the mark by a long shot. Cars have 4 wheels, not just two and therefore I don’t think that they will get it. Nor will it sell. It has no soul nor character. And the worst part is that since when did a vehicle have yellow caterpillar tracks??

This is Mattel really scraping the bottom. I get the Unstoppable theme – my little one is only 14 months old and he loves the big chunky wheels on the likes of the Chevy Sliverado and Jeep Superlift. He stays away from his HW Plymouth Barracuda as the wheels are not big enough. But I would like to see the look on his face if he ever saw this one. First thing that would enter his head – can the tracks come off…..OK, these are meant for 3 years upwards, but he plays with his diecast quite nicely these days.

Where they get the ideas from I do no know. But they are not appealing to the collector at all and some now are spending elsewhere on the likes of Tomica, Greenlight and even HW to a degree.

The MB brand will not be killed off by Mattel as there is too much value in the name for them to do so. But this kind of tut is forcing collectors elsewhere, and does not really encourage the next generation to take up the hobby with the likes of this kind of model. I dare not even call it diecast. 


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