Corgi Vanguards, July-December 2013

Well, collectors on Farcebook have been waiting a long time for the final releases of 2013 for he Vanguards  range and Corgi have released them this morning.
There have been lots of comments on FB about these inclusions, so I will summarise my thoughts beneath each one. 
VA11907 Ford Cortina Mk4 2.0 Ghia Oyster Gold

KD: Yup, like this one, as it is a traditional Ford colour being used.  May or may not purchase – depends what it is like in the flesh. 

VA10508 Triumph TR7 Java Green

KD: The TR7 is a favourite of mine, BUT I have two of these already, and I don’t need a third. But good to see this here. 

VA12606A Ford Escort Mk2, RS Mexico Signal Green, RHD

 VA12606B Ford Escort Mk2, RS Mexico Signal Grun

KD: A recolour, but as I have the original yellow one, there is no interest for me. Also, if I wanted a LHD I will buy Minichamps et al. 

VA12707A Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 Alpine White, RHD

 VA12707B Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 Modele Alpine blanche

KD: for me, there was only ever one 205GTi – and that was the 1.9. Having got the Norev effort, there is no rel point of adding the Vanguards version, so a miss on my part. 

 VA13203 Vauxhall Astra Mk2 1.6 SR Carmine Red

KD: Good choice Corgi – these lesser models (i.e. non-GTE) can be overlooked, but I like this inclusion. From what I have seen of the MkII GTE, the casting is good, so I reckon that this will be on the shopping list. 

VA13204 Vauxhall Astra Mk2 GTE 16v Northumbria Police

KD: Not that interested in this one – however, give me this in Met Police, and then you are talking……

VA13500 Mini 1275 GT Bronze Yellow ‘Trevor’

KD: Ha! Best casting of the lot and ample room to take this one from the early years to 1980. Ample room to make this a Clubman model instead of 1275GT, so I await the variation for 2014. Defo purchase this one. 

 VA13302 Ford Capri Mk1 RS3100 Olympic Blue

KD: Many Ford enthusiast will like this casting, but I am not a massive fan of the Mk1 TBH, and will give this one a miss. But a good inclusion. 

 VA13400 BMW (E30) Sport (M-Tech 1_ Lachs Silver

KD: Now, I have no idea what possessed them to create a Beemer at the expense of a new Brirish car. The only saving grace is that this one is RHD, but that is about it. If I want a 1/43 BMW, I will buy a Minichamp – debate and deliberation over. I may change my mind if I see it in the flesh, but I am not convinces at the moment. This should have been a Chevette/Monetgo/Chrysler 180……you get my drift. 

So a very mixed bag TBH. There may be only 3 castings I will get from this lot – but no more. Majority of them don’t tickle the tastebuds at all. Which is a good thing, as it means I can get more Lego City and TLV Neo’s. 

What I am looking forward to is 2014 – with all the comments being given via FB, this is an opportunity for Corgi to really show that they have been listening to the customer – and make that USP of creating British cars from a golden age in British motoring. 

Overall, 7/10. 


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