Chelski 2, Hammers 0

They were all over us – we got battered left, right and centre and to cap it all off Fat Frank get’s his 200th goal of his Chelski career.

I had the game on, but there was little to shout about. Carroll blowing hot and cold and still cannot find the net. Methinks it might be better to let him go at the end of the season than keep him.

Only Jussi looked like preventing a cricket score, but TBH we lost to a better side all around. Worryingly, look up front – what has happened to Paulista and Chamakh? Carlton must be complete devoid of confidence – at least throw him on first and then sub him for Carroll…….

I haven’t got much more to say really – Blues fans are lapping it up esp. as Fat Frank scored.

Now 14th in the league, Big Sam wants a new contract and the 2x Dave’s don’t want anything to do with contract negotiations yet. I am slightly on edge. The next three games are vital, or we get sucked into a relegation scrap.

But good to see John Terry getting some flack from the away support – the new Gary Neville methinks.


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