Disney Pixar – Cars 2: Pope Pinion IV & Popemobile

Quite relevant I thought as we have a new Pope in His Holiness Pope Francis I just recently.

What I really like about this model is the fact that it has been based on a Alfa Romeo – possibly a 1750 but more akin to a Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 1600.

it is a very cool model – and all very Italian as well – the Papal white works well. Add the religious overtones on the front grill, and the wording on the tyres, it is all very tongue in cheek.

Complimented by the Popemobile, this is a good little set we have here, however to the child, I am not sure if this will be a go-er TBH. I am not sure how they will relate to the character, but yet with many of these actual castings it seems destined to be aimed squarely at the collector.

 photo DSC00122_zps53b506d3.jpg photo DSC00121_zps2d3c37e4.jpg photo DSC00120_zpsdda53dee.jpg photo DSC00119_zps357d2e0a.jpg
 photo DSC00118_zpse8c3052c.jpg photo DSC00117_zps64cf5571.jpg photo DSC00116_zps6875552c.jpg photo DSC00115_zpsb9f94ba2.jpg
 photo DSC00114_zps49cc2f4c.jpg photo DSC00113_zpsa67fd4ce.jpg photo DSC00112_zpsf7f6c583.jpg photo DSC00111_zps278b7ef5.jpg
 photo DSC00110_zps8721ac93.jpg photo DSC00109_zpsd83ad1f6.jpg photo DSC00108_zps647a965e.jpg photo DSC00107_zps3614e8df.jpg
 photo DSC00106_zps8847ea47.jpg photo DSC00105_zps99e3d62a.jpg photo DSC00104_zps27f3096e.jpg photo DSC00103_zps9f850ac9.jpg
 photo DSC00102_zps10705802.jpg photo DSC00101_zps06600607.jpg


One thought on “Disney Pixar – Cars 2: Pope Pinion IV & Popemobile

  1. I am amazed that Mattel continues to churn out new CARS 2 castings. Are they still selling alright in your area ? Over here, we're still swamped with early CARS 2 releases. Nothing sells, apart from “Flash” McQueen, and that's probably parents wanting to replace the one their kid lost.

    However, seeing your photos, the Pope is definitely a BMW 02-series, or an early 2800 CS. Probably a nod to Ratzinger's origins.


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