Disney Pixar: Cars 2 – Leland Turbo

Not sure why they just didn’t do an E-type replica instead of a characterisation of the the car.

But nevertheless the lines are very recognisable here, and all but the uninitiated will know that this is a Jag or even an Eagle E-Type.

I am sure that the little people will just see it as an old red car, but for the collector, this will bring in a little smile. Good casting.

 photo DSC00134_zpsb741e7fc.jpg photo DSC00133_zps682fb435.jpg photo DSC00132_zps4a2a72ff.jpg photo DSC00131_zpsb57fcfe5.jpg photo DSC00129_zpsabce6538.jpg photo DSC00128_zps3ed77562.jpg photo DSC00127_zpsf96e9dbe.jpg photo DSC00126_zps3d688b6b.jpg
 photo DSC00125_zps34fad033.jpg photo DSC00124_zps0a1cb6de.jpg photo DSC00123_zpsccc9a576.jpg


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