Disney Pixar – Cars 2: Austin Littleton

The racing models are getting a bit hard to come by these day’s, so I snapped this one up in France PDQ or I may not get to see it again.

For a casting of the old BMC Mini, this is a bloody good effort. It does the job well.

Some criticisms:

Where is the reg plate for this model? I simply cannot remember seeing one for this model in the film, but it would have been nice to see one on there.

I am not a fan of the wing mirror – looks really tacky.

And I know that there is s casting of the model without the headset – surely the could make this an option for such castings or are they worried about parts coming loose with a little person??

Decent casting, but there could be improvements to enhance.

 photo DSC08446_zps7c32d6de.jpg photo DSC08445_zpsee2b4751.jpg photo DSC08444_zps856ab8e9.jpg photo DSC08443_zps19028c05.jpg photo DSC08442_zps035e39c1.jpg photo DSC08441_zps13ce4dd5.jpg photo DSC08440_zps29f1a37b.jpg photo DSC08439_zps970c57a7.jpg photo DSC08438_zpscdae0eee.jpg photo DSC08437_zps339e211f.jpg

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