European diecast requirements for Alarm Fuer Cobra 11

This is the current cover photo for the Alarm fuer Cobra 11 Group on Farcebook.

The reason – obviously – that this caught my eye is the volume of diecast used in the shot.

If you look closely, you will see lots of Siku and a smattering of HW.

But where are the Matchbox models?


Just goes to show that within Europe, Matchbox does not seem to be recognised anymore – and that on the pegs, Siku, Majorette and Norev dominate the 1/64 sector and HW a distant tail ender.

LAAM maybe the market that Mattel want to focus MB on, but now I think that the numbers are more important than the region.

For me, this says it all – Matchbox will carry on, but it will never make the in-roads that it used to. And in Europe, the market is almost dead.

I will be blogging very shortly about the conclusion of my interaction with Mattel – time to draw that chapter to a close. 

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