12 Legendary Bathurst Cars

Well, congrats to Ford on winning the Great Race this weekend –

but here is a good little article from Triple M: only one car stands out for me:

12 Legendary Bathurst Cars

The cars that have gone down in Bathurst history.

This weekend’s Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 got us thinking about the legendary cars of the past.

We managed to narrow our list down to 12, so without further ado here are the most iconic cars of Australia’s most iconic race!

Have we missed any? Let us know below.

Kevin Bartlett’s Channel 9 Camaro

How could we ever forget the flip?!

George Fury’s Nissan Bluebird

Record setter in 1984.

Eggenberger Texaco Sierra

Disqualified for dirty fuel in 1987.

Allan Moffat’s RX7

Zoom. Zoom.

Brocky’s VH Commodore in dayglo orange

It might look like a witches hat but it certainly didn’t drive like one!

John Bowe’s Volvo of the mid 80’s

Swedish engineering.

Brocky’s 05 A9X Torana

What a car.

Dick Johnson’s Tru-Blu Falcon

Hey Tru-Blu…

Skaife/Richards Skyline

It crashed but still won. Unbeleivable.

Alan Moffat XC Falcon coupe

Can’t go argue with a 1-2 finish.

Craig Lowndes snake-eyes AU Falcon

Do they come in green?!

Wayne Gardner’s Coke Commodore


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