The Opel Collection is STILL carrying on!!

Seriously, fuck me.

Eaglemoss Publications don’t know whether they are coming or going.

They have now officially canned the Opel Collection website – and all the images that are associated with it.

They are now purporting on that the collection now goes up to issue 110, but having looked at their images, we are once again seeing that these are re-hashes of the existing castings in emergency services livery – or an existing casting being maxed out with a slight variation,

I am amazed that this horse is still being flogged to death –

I would have liked to see the collection bow out gracefully, but no…………

I am not going to blog about this collection any more – I am just annoyed about the way it was handled and TBH the customer service at Eaglemoss Germany is bloody shite.

Where did I put my Tomica’s then………………………..?

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