Still no win since 1963………….Scoucers 2, Hammers 0

I was not sure what to expect from this game – we could not even beat an egg let alone a Liverpool team who have not lost to the Hammers for over 40 years.

And nothing changed there up to the final whistle.

A two-nil defeat seemed OK for me to take – I did predict it to a mate as well.

But this was a West Ham side that really didn’t take off from the start with niggly tackles getting in here and there and Song lucky to have stayed on the pitch for a few rash challenges.

Reid was turned inside and out by the ever quick Sterling and you have to say that the Liverpool play at times was sublime. The defence was nowhere near as good as it should have been, and Collins hobbling off means that that the Rock in defence is missing and I can only think of defensive frailties being exposed in the forthcoming games.

And it had to be the return of Daniel Sturridge that finished us off – maybe Teddy was coaching him as well – clinical to say the least.

Carroll and Downing back at their old stomping ground?? Ineffective today, with Carroll limping off, and now out for two weeks with an ankle injury. Add to this the issue with Sakho and his playing in the FA Cup when injured………we seem to have a bad patch here.

I can’t see Valencia really getting involved – I would like to see him get some more goals, but he has been a little shy of late. Carlton on the bench – surely he should get a run?

It is the FA Cup again on Sat with the Baggies away – but at the moment with 36 points, we are 4 short of that magical 40 mark which means that we are safe for another year. And we are not involved in a scrap at towards the foot of the table – for once, that can only be a good thing.

Let’s hope that the transfer window may bring us some much needed cover and we don’t lose anyone of note in the meantime.

Champions League now a distant memory – but a platform for the future I think – the season has been the best for a very long time so far.


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