Horrible Day for the Hammers – West Brom 4, Hammers 0, FA Cup 5th Round.

Yesterday was just a horrendous day. First I twated the car by accident – looks like I will have to fork out a fortune in insurance excess so that when it comes to the time, I can hand it back in very good condition.

Second, I watched what has to be the worst performance of the season by West Ham which sent us crashing out of the FA Cup in quite humiliating fashion. I saw nothing of the grit and determination that galvanised the side against a stubborn Southampton and a lacklustre Man U.

Tepid and tame, there was not bite in attack, with wasted free kicks by Valencia and Creswell when the opportunity came around.

And once the third goal went it that was it – BT Sport switched off as I knew that the Hammers did not have a hope in hell of recovering.

So I did not see the rest of the game, but have only read about the support getting on the backs of Nolan and Big Sam.

Such is the expectation now, that we are looking for a win in every game, so perhaps why feelings are running high at the moment, All the vitriol directed at Big Sam is probably a stinging reaction from the fans that made the effort to travel up there but did not see a team that they recognise come out and play for a place in the quarter finals.

I can’t comment on what I didn’t see, but up to the 60 mins, we were just dreadful. Big Sam cites that the games are taking their toll on the players – I am not sure they are…………every game from now to the end of the season should be a Cup Final. We didn’t see one yesterday.

Amalfitano also being sent off for two yellows did not help.

All the talk of getting rid of Big Sam is utter nonsense. None of this came out when we were fourth in the league at one point – just stupidity brought about by a vent of frustration. At least Adrian had the balls to apologies via social media about the performance as well as David Gold on the website.

And what happened to the purple FA Cup shirt then??? I thought that was being worn in all our FA Cup games?????

However, let’s put some things into perspective:

Three Hammers fans have been reported to have been killed on the hard shoulder of the M1 when a coach ploughed into their stationary car.

They were on their way to the game and never got to see it – so for all the bitching and moaning that is going about, think about these three who will now never get to see their club again nor witness the new era in the Olympic Stadium.

Makes you think.


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