Season over then – Gooners 3, Hammers 0

Just where is the season going wrong for us??

One win in 12…………….absolutely nothing to cheer about in 2015 and to top it all off, we have dropped from a staggering fourth in the league to tenth.

I was never expecting an easy game against the ARSEnal, but the conceded goals in this game were lamentable. Ging doing his best, but it looked like the rest of the players had gone AWOL.

And where was the support for Sakho up front? Nothing – nada – nichts. It was generally OK up to Giroud’s first and then the failure and rot set in.

I have seen nothing of the creativity of the side that took points off Liverpool and City; held Spuds and Mancs; whooped Leicester City………….it is all going a bit Pete.

What is the root cause? A simple lack of confidence – there are not enough strong minds to get things moving. Song seems to have gone now AWOL and therefore is not likely to sign on a permanent basis. Nolan – looks like he is injured – has been going through a rough patch and is not the player he was. God, Jarvis is out of sorts – we paid £10m for him and he was blinding when he first arrived, so why is he so mediocre now?

Our goal difference is slowly eroding – which is not a good thing at all. IT gives us daylight between those in the bottom half and maintain a top half finish.

Should we all blame Big Sam? Methinks he is as frustrated as I am with the players – you could see his annoyance with the lack of feed that Sakho was getting. Is it time to sack him?? At this stage of the season, certainly not – let’s see where we end up and then judge.

Soon-der-laand next at home – a game I was hoping to get to but the wee’s one’s first footy training session – so that put and end to that attempt.

What say we lose 1-0? Likely – very likely on our current form.

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