Finally a win – Hammers 1, Sun-dar-laan 0

I have taken a couple of days to reflect on this result.

I am not going to write much TBH. There was an outside chance I could have made this game but if it were not for the nipper’s first footy practise session. I was in England and would have gone.

It was an absolute dire first 45 mins. Make no mistake – lack of creativity and accuracy on the part of the Hammers. Thank God Defoe hit his ball high over the net, otherwise it could have been a different story. And that made me think it was a wise decision not to bother going to this one.

And it was only up to the end of the game where Sakho took his goal very well, making that 12 for the season (as I count).

Sunderland are a team under pressure at the moment with them being at the wrong part of the table. Up to the 85th minute, it looked like they were going to do us an injustice by nicking a point, and whilst a clean sheet is all well and good, it does not move us higher up the table.

Thankfully the win did. And for the first time in ages, we have got over 40 points in March and are therefore safe. But there are eight games left and still a slim chance of getting into Europe.

This is now the final push and we should not settle on mid table comfort. The higher up we go, the better the prize money and that can only be good for the club.

This year has been a bit of a disaster in comparison to the great end of 2014. This win was much welcome, even though it was a scrappy and tedious game. 


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