Death reaper tolls for Big Sam – Leics 2, Hammers 1

Just got back from the Easter break in Italy, but found out the result via the power of the Hammers app on the top of a tourist bus in Verona.


Having seen the replay on MOTD, the finishing of this game was absolutely shocking.

Nolan missed a gilt edged chance, Kouyate hitting the foot of the post………….we should have been three to the good against a team at the foot of the table.

And therein lies the problem – Leics are in a right scrap at the wrong end and every point is precious for their survival. And fair play to them they got that second goal from all their pressure – the worst part is that it was with 4 mins to go.

I have to say along with Ginge, Adrian has to be a front runner for Hammer of the Year – his saves – and the penalty one from Nugent – kept the scoreline respectable and is really now proving himself as a top class keeper.

Times are tough at the moment and we can’t seem to get a positive hit on goal – our goals coming not from the forwards, but from anyone who can get it in the back of the net.

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: “I just can’t believe we missed so many chances. When you’re in control of the game, you have to take the chances when you get them.
“Against a team battling for survival such as Leicester, if you get the lead, it kills them. They start to think: ‘Here we go again.’ That’s how ruthless you have to be. Because we didn’t do that, it gave them the chance.”

And the irony is that we have a positive goal difference and are sitting 9th in the league, with over 40 points. In latter years that was dreamed off, but as I have eluded to before in previous posts, has the success of December 2014 given the fans too much to believe in??

Rumours are rife that Big Sam is going at the end of the season. Some will say it is justified……….the results in 2015 have been poor and some would say that he should be long gone. But let us not forget that the haters were silenced 4 months ago and we were daring to dream of Champions League football. That was down to Big Sam……………we must be thankful for that.

You cannot say it is a bad season at all. We are safe for next season, but the run of results are alarming. How much is Carroll being missed up front? Quite dearly by the looks of it as Sakho has gone a bit shy and there is no logical reason why Nene and Carlton are not just being thrust into it.

Stoke next – and with the form Charlie Austin is in from 60 yards out, I am not looking forward to this as a game, nor the result.


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