Is there much point? QPR 0, Hammers 0

There wasn’t much to see on MOTD was there?

Kouyate fluffed his lines completely, Cresswell’s attempt was good from his free kick, but the best player on the pitch as Adrian who was impressive with a string of quality saves that kept the score scoreless and in the game.

This was a game we should have won, but from the evidence of the highlights, this was as dull and devoid of the rest of the performances this year. Look at the stats: you can see that the Sheringham effect seem to have worn off……………..


Possession46%54%90minsQueens Park RangersWest Ham United



On target






Something is definitely not right – are the players saying that mid table is now good enough?

Why are we not seeing Nene play? I mean, what is the worst that can happen if him and Carlton are up front?  What was the point of signing him then??

I am getting now very frustrated, and whilst I have maintained that Big Sam should keep his job for consistency, enough is enough and with the likes of Sun-der-laan interested in making him their next manager, I think that we should cut loose at the end of the season. It just isn’t working anymore for some reason and I am not one to accept mid table. Just look what Southampton are doing under Koeman.

I am off to see Burnley on Sat…………I believe we are going to get spanked.

I have no idea what team will come out or what team will play – all I know is that I paid £57 for the ticket and we better fucking win.

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