Sick of it – Hammers 1, Everton 2

“I’m frustrated with the team and the result. I’m not worried about my position.
“I don’t think I need to prove what I can do as a manager.”
Sam Allardyce, 16.05.2015
I beg to differ.

Apart from a good little knock through from Song and Downing’s well placed goal, this is yet another game we have thrown away for no good reason – and Lukaku in the 93rd minute………………how many more times do we have to keep dropping points like this?

Looks like Carlton played his last game – a good servant, and if the likes of Bournemouth get him on a free next season, I am sure he will do well. 
The frustration is that Big Sam’s tactics are not working and he is not playing Nene from the start is beyond me – what is he going to do with 20 mins left? Clearly we are missing Sakho and Carroll dearly………….who knows where we would be if they were both fit. 
I have nothing more to say really.

Mid table and with an outside chance of getting European football via the Fair Play position – yet, still gutted with the performances……………….the season just needs to end.

And I can see Noo-cass-all getting a 5-0 win next Sunday –

Like the Labour party, I think there is a need to for a change of leader………………………

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