It’s all over – Toon 2, Hammers 0

Yet to watch MOTD, but I will be blogging about the game very shortly.

But one thing that was made certain today was the final dismissal of Sam Allardyce – be is mutual agreement of sacking – he has finally gone.

Whilst at Europa Park with the family today the text alert came through to advise me that we had gone down 2-0 to the Toon, I knew it was the end.

And about time – we have been appalling this year………..and it was simply not good enough at all. The losses against the likes of Leicster, Villa, Palace and Newcastle – add to the dropping of points in injury time against the Spuds, Mancs and the ghastly loss against Everton last week. The work in 2014 was a perfect platform for going forward and it was not built upon.


We have to thank Big Sam.

He got us back into the Premiership.

He has kept us up for 3 seasons.

He signed some good players (and some bad)

He stopped the yo-yo of up and down.

And twelfth this season is not all that bad in reality – it was only because we were in such a good position in December.

So whilst we have to say thanks, it is with relief that Big Sam has gone. It was fun while it lasted. 

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