MCCH – the end?

Well, well, well.
Methinks that we have finally seen the end of the MCCH.
According to some postings, Fat Boy Curtis has simply no money for the upkeep of the MCCH with now a permanent note stating that the site has been apparently hacked and he is restoring it back to health.
But it has been over a month and word is out that he prefers to keep the MCCH alive via Facebook which is of course free.

So let’s look at a few facts:

1) he is not respected as a “collector” – he caused huge problems for the Matchbox Gathering by no declaring where the money went that was received via auction – basically fraud.

2) He once had an excellent website – but his desire to keep hold and control ultimately caused so much tension within the community that he started banning people for no logical reason. And that is when a plethora of other diecast sites started to appear. And social media took off – the collecting world was not restricted to just the MCCH anymore………….so there were other places to go to.

3) The consistent removal of any reference to the MB Gathering – since he was asked to leave the event, he stopped referring to the Gathering in any part of the MCCH………..which was/is the biggest event for Matchbox collectors. This again won him no fans and alienated him even more.

4) the MCCH Gathering. His stupidity is so great that he dared to create a competing event and failed flat on his arse. In fact he is still advertising it!

So the clown still paid for a domain name and hosting space for this! D’oh!

It is a bit of a shame – there was a wealth of information on the MCCH and now it is feared that it is lost forever. Also there have been worldwide friendships created which may have been cut due to lack of contact detail.

He has no one to blame for this except himself. And now his empire is not more. And he is no longer relevant. I cannot see the MCCH now recovering from this – it is almost game over.

The collecting world is still a better place without the MCCH under Curtis rule.


2 thoughts on “MCCH – the end?

  1. Fucking good job, arrogant tosspot (sorry for the language), he sent me a PM some while ago, having a right go at me for saying that i thought the range was poo, and that HE had the ear to matchbox, and was thought of in a great way, and Matchbox themselves had a lot to do with the MCCH – I laughed all the way to to the tissue box, and stated then, that he would be gone within a couple of years – and low and behold – he is – he wont be missed.


  2. I joined and immediately realized it wasn't for me. I asked him politely to delete my information, he refused. I never logged on again. He appeared to me to be a drama queen. Always whining about costs, his health and anything else under the sun. Good riddance, he is, was and will forever be a tool.


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