Cresswell signs for another 5 years; Julian is back.

Just read that Aaron Cresswell has signed up to the cause for another 5 years.

A signature from Ipswich just over a year ago, he has been a star player in last year’s campaign and it looks like the club are doing something right. Winston Reid on a 6 year, Mark Noble for effectively the rest of his career.

Normally we would have buckled under the pressure of a big bid from teh top 5, but things could be changing perhaps? Maybe the lure of the Olympic Stadium is now a big draw.

And good to see someone familiar getting in on the first team staff:

Slaven Bilic has wasted no time in bringing in Julian and I am sure that he will be tasked with sorting out the back line as well as getting some passion and heart into the side on the back of the last season’s second half.

he did a quite good job with the ladies team whilst in charge.

Players who don’t put in the effort – be scared – BE VERY SCARED. 


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