Hammers in Europe…….UEFA Europa Cup Qualifiers Rounds 2 and 3

And so the adventure is over.

I am currently on my hols, so I have not really had much of a chance to deeply follow the Hammers within the qualifying stages of the Europa Cup.

However, I willl mention a few observations that I have noted over the last 2 weeks and tonight’s game on BT Sport:

  • 2nd Round against Birkirka was just a struggle. This was a game that should have been won easily, but we made a meal of it. 90th minute winner by Tonka and then he gets sent off in the next round.
  • Penalties? Good God, that was a scrape and a half…………it should never have got that far.
  • Was it the right thing to do for Bilic to play the Youth Team against Astra this evening with the daunting prospect of Arsenal at the Emptycrates on Sat?
  • 3 sending off’s in 5 games – and we qualified via the Fair Play League?!

The third round qualifier was a scrappy affair and TBH, we through it away at Upton Park. 2-0, we should have buried them but lost our momentum.

The haters are already out and it may well be the case that plenty will call for the head of Bilic already and welcome back BFS with open arms.

Fact of the matter is that this should be treated like a pre-season – we have had a warm up, blooded the kids (Oxford, Lee, Page, Cullen) and seen a bit of a glimmer from new signing Lanzani.

There is not really much else to say – expect that this could be a blessing – teams that have progressed well in the Europa League have suffered in the PL…………and that is more important.

Let’s get behind the team for Sat – the Europa adventure is over and done. Gooners next, so this is the one we should be mentally preparing for what they have……….

Let the season commence.



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