The Facebook cull……………..

Like it or not, social media is now part of everyday life, and according to statistics, that means 1/6 of the world’s population use FB.

I actually hate it. I don’t want to use it at all as you spend time reading all about other people’s lives.


Such as things are with the internet, FB is useful. It can allow you to log on to websites and I use it as a newsfeed.

The main purpose of it was to connect with other people. But of late, this is becoming a bore. I am now fed up of reading what people had for dinner, what colour they fancy wearing and such – it is not interesting.

And more for the fact that I have now ‘collected’ people along the way. People who I have met and thought it woudl be nice to remain in contact with them as they seemed like good people.

But in reality, some of them have not been on contact with me for over 3 years. And that is a waste.

Also it shows that they are not really that genuine. Friendships are an important and equally to maintain. But I have invested a lot of time in people in the past to get very little reward from it.

Which has lead me to a decision for a FB cull………….as I turn a year older, I normally get a few wishes from people which is always nice to receive.

Those that don’t bother are found to be busy posting pictures of their offspring, telling us what they ate, etc………..and to me that is just poor form. So in the next few days I am going to see who is a friend and who isn’t. The majority of folk on FB I have for over 20 years (I kid you not) so they are close and will always remain.

But then we have those work colleagues – new and old – that just clog. And never interact. Enough.

Some may say that why don’t I just ignore them and keep them as a ‘friend’. Well it is a matter of quality over quantity………and I would rather have 2-3 good people that 200+ I never interact with.

Let the cull commence – no love lost, no tears shed. 


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