Stamford Bridge is falling down…………………………Hammers 2, Chelsea 1

Once again, this season constantly amazes me.

We were at Herbstmesse in Basel for the annual fair that rumbles into town, so there was no opportunity to watch the game. Best I could get was the BBC alerts. And my word what a pleasure it was to receive them.

I was slightly worried about this one. We have done so well up to now and I just felt that the bubble would burst. And with that comes the chants for a new manager, the team is crap, etc…..same old regurgitated mumbo jumbo as ever.

But I was wrong and there is nothing better than to beat the Champions of England. This was the last ever time we would play Chelsea at the Boleyn and we never got much change from them in the past. But this game was about to change all of that.

I don’t know why BFS didn’t fancy Zarate, but the man proved his ability but unleashing a hard hitting drive to get the Hammers first. Bilic is certainyl showing everyone has a chance with a clean slate and Zarate is going some way to claim that starting berth with Sahko up front. That goal provided the platform and we weathered the storm until Cahill knocked one in to level things up. In fact Zouma would have got a goal, but thankfully for goal line technology the ball had not fully cross the line and therefore it was not given,

Relief all around.

Once again Payet worked hard all game and really is all the difference this season. he is going to be one of those figures where if he is injured, then we will lose something from the side, but he has been by far the player of the season so far.

I would have taken a 1-1 TBH – no big thing against Chelsea and many would have said that it woudl have been a decent result.

But enter Andy Carroll.

Bilic has been bringing him on in parts and not forcing him on as a player that is needed. He has had bad injuries which have kept him out of contention for great lengths of time, but I think that the way Bilic is slowly easing him back is paying dividends.

And from Cresswell’s cross, up comes the phoenix to head home and make it 2-1. Against Chelsea.

“It’s impossible to mark him in the box,” Bilic said.

“His quality was never in question. If he’s in good shape now we have a good chance that he will be injury-free for a long time. In that case West Ham and England will benefit from that a lot.” 

At this point in time, The Special One was having to watch from the stands as he opened his gob again. But soft, this proved to be a good thing as within the directors box there was much celebration when that goal went in. Not a smile to be seen.

I am still al little dazed. I am waiting for it to all collapse around me and we get sucked into the mid table mediocrity that has been acceptable for so long. But we sit third and above the likes of Chelsea, Spuds, Utd and Liverpool. Nobody within West Ham would have thought that would have been possible if they were totally honest.

This is quite amazing stuff. Dare I say we could be title contenders in our final season at the Boleyn?

Watford next……………………banana skin awaits…………..or will it be another glorious away win?

In Slaven We Trust.

West Ham United

  • 13 Adrián
  • 12 Jenkinson
  • 05 Tomkins
  • 19 Collins
  • 03 Cresswell
  • 16 Noble (Ogbonna – 92′ )
  • 08 Kouyaté Booked
  • 28 Lanzini (Obiang – 82′ )
  • 27 Payet
  • 10 Zárate (Carroll – 69′ )
  • 15 Sakho


  • 01 Randolph
  • 09 Carroll
  • 11 E Valencia
  • 14 Obiang
  • 21 Ogbonna
  • 26 Jelavic
  • 30 Antonio


  • 01 Begovic
  • 05 Zouma
  • 24 Cahill
  • 26 Terry
  • 28 Azpilicueta Booked (Baba – 87′ )
  • 07 Ramires (Falcao – 82′ )
  • 21 Matic Dismissed after an earlier booking
  • 22 Willian Booked
  • 04 Fàbregas Booked (Mikel – 45′ Booked )
  • 10 Hazard
  • 19 Diego Costa Booked


  • 06 Baba
  • 08 Oscar
  • 09 Falcao
  • 12 Mikel
  • 14 Traore
  • 32 Amelia
  • 36 Loftus-Cheek
Ref: Jonathan Moss

Att: 34,977 


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