Finally buried – the MCCH is no more

Well, looks like Mark Curtis has finally given up and the MCCH is now finally put to rest.

Not only was there previously a defiant message stating that he took a holiday and that people were spreading vicious rumours about him and the site, but he needed help (in more ways than one) to get the site back up and running.

He has failed – again,

The idiot failed with his attempt to create a Matchbox event  via which was ridiculed throughout the collecting community and his bravado and defiance that the MCCH was on hiatus was just plain dumb (like him really).

But let us stop here for a moment – the MCCH could still have been the ultimate diecast resource site, but Curtis’ lies, fraud, deception and rules made sure that enough members gave him the bird and went elsewhere with only a few loyal numpties standing by him, unable to see through his bullshit.

Fact of the matter is, despite his Facebook page which is just a poor imitation of the actual site, he has nothing left and made the excuse that he fell out of love with collecting. Or maybe that he just ran out of friends. full stop.

It is a little sad to see this go TBH, but the Communist way that the site was run just caused friction. And whilst it was established, people were able to create their own communities unrestricted by the bounds that Curtis needed to impose.

This has been a long time coming, but hopefully this has served Curtis notice that he has finally lost it all and a no longer respected person within diecast.

Curtis is a failure and has failed – this has proved it. Incompetence coupled with stupidity.

The MCCH is dead – long live the MCCH!


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