Fame or Fortune – The Apprentice creates another diva in Selina Waterman-Smith

Well, the latest series of The Apprentice has concluded and congratulations to the winner Joseph Valente I would rather him win than Vana Koutsomitis (simply because I cannot pronouce her surname – also for the fact that she was also so cock sure and more importantly, a Yank…..).

But the real reason for the blog is once again to scratch my head over one of the candidates – a one Selina Waterman Smith. Now the show is meant to find a business partner for Lord Sugar. OK it is entertainment as well, but at the end of the day there is a serious element and the last few winners who have become business partners gone on to run successful businesses with the investment of Lord Sugar.

Enter Selina Waterman Smith. Let’s be clear, she is not bad and you would.

However, it seems that rather than try and get that all important partnership, she came across as lazy, selfish and self preserving. She may well argue that the programme was edited to make good TV – and it well have been, but the behaviour has been shown and on all accounts she has come across pretty bad. 

In the comic The Sun, Vana, said: “Selina in particular is one of those people who wanted attention herself. She is dying to get on to the front pages of magazines and I’m not sure how many of her stories are half true.”

So why on earth would she want to broadcast such a story as this to The Sun of all papers: 

Surely something you would want to keep private, or did News International offer far too much money for the story?
So it does look like she like the attention, a bit like some other Z-Lister we know: 

And indeed when the programme first started, these photos may well have been released on purpose just to get her column inches – leave very little to the imagination even though she denies being a exotic / pole dancer but a “podium” dancer in Dubai – er, Selina, where is the difference ??
Then with the negative press around her on the show she cracks the shits stating that the show was rigged and that the producers had their favourites, even missing “You’re Fired” because little Madam had a hissy fit:

Why would you do that?

And as soon as it was revealed that she was fired on the TV Show, the next day she appears as follows in the Daily Mail!


Question begs again, surely a credible business person doesn’t need to strip off to their underwear unless they are after summat?

And it seems clearer and clearer that she is indeed a publicity clawmonger, desperate to get the fame and attention just as Luisa Zissman did last year. Now drawing is little or no publicty at all and firmly in the Z-List camp, column inches are rare for this lass. 

And I can see the same thing happening for Waterman-Smith. She does seem likeable at all. Self centred and hungry for fame, she would have been far better off staying in Dubai and ensuing that her business grew without the need to be exposed on national TV. Maybe she is making up for insecurity in some manner or form…….

Interesting to note that her LinkedIn profile does not add that she was a pole/podium dancer…………all looks rather business like and quite professional – so again begs the question, was there any need to get her kit off?

What is the reckoning that she will pack up back to Dubai and this time next year be a forgotten figure?

This is someone I want to see crash and burn – more for the fact that she wants to be in the limelight and just needs to be knocked down a peg or two into reality. 

Selina – you have had your 15 mins…………and you ballsed it up. 


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