The box is back – but too little, too late?

I don’t muse about Matchbox anymore, as I have lost all interest,

The models are crap, the distribution worse and the constant promotion via one blog when Mattel cannot be arsed to do it themselves.

But this has caught my eye recently:

Yup, the Matchbox box is back, under the moniker “Power Grabs”. Whilst I like this move, I cannot help but think that this is flawed:

1) How on earth do you get hold of these? The distribution is so poor outside the US that it will be almost impossible to get hold of these.

2) How will this be shown at the POS? Where will they be positioned? Currently in Europe, Matchbox has near enough dried up, so how are Mattel going to get this into the stores – if they can be bothered at all?

3) Why did we have to learn about these things via blogs and third party information rather than Mattel directly?

Look, this is a nice nod to when Matchbox was great, but is this actually too little, too late. Apart from a few collectors, Matchbox really does not have a presence at the collector anymore. Some may cite that they can get all the models for each year, but for 95% of us, this is just a bit of a waste of time. And with other players making massive inroads in terms of distribution and social media, Mattel are just simply on the back foot once again. A bit like their attempt to make Barbie appeal to a new generation of girls with a more rounded figure.

Some will say that Mattel are listening and so is the Matchbox team – but if they cannot even provide a full listing for 2015 let alone give a provisional listing for 2016, they are just doing the rounds with little reward and effort. 


3 thoughts on “The box is back – but too little, too late?

  1. This is a good move, but largely pointless as the models inside are mostly plastic, generic shit. They should concentrate on fixing the product first, and raising the price point in the USA to allow for more licences and diecast content.


  2. I saw them today at Toys R Us in Burbank Calif, I bet a lot of them will fly off the shelf, and a lot wont be paid for.


  3. they were all sold off from tesco in ireland yesterday for 49cent each think they have stopped carrying MB range


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