Major force

I am not bothered about the farce surrounding Mattel’s decision to use the JL Blog as their interface to the world. Even more ridiculous is that they choose Instagram over the likes of Facebook for social media interaction. Strategies which are a little beyond me and have no real logic. However, recently there has been one brand that has got the social media interaction spot on – and that is Majorette, part of the Dickie Simba group from Germany. The Australian arm now has over 900 followers on FB and is consistently providing information about new castings and playsets from Majorette. None of this ‘tease’ bullshit. Being Aussie, they just get straight in and don’t muck about. Perfect. And the page admin has a bit of a sense of humour as well, as I like the odd dig at Mattel on the sly.

The feed gives you an instant hit of diecast info. And that is all that is needed. I am amazed that under the leadership of Jean Gomez – who was very successful under the Mattel Pixar division – the Cars division has zero lack of presence. I mean, how hard can it be? Which goes back to one of my previous blogs – why do they need to go through the Lambert blog to give updates?

So impressive is the Majorette engagement that our friend Brad C in Scotland is now in talks about becoming a retailer of the Majorette brand through the engagement with rumour that he could be a main supplier to all of us in Europe!

And then we have the models – a full metal bodied Renault Master Van which just makes the Matchbox version an utter joke. Practically every Majorette casting is a licensed version. Producing the Range Rover Evoque before Matchbox could even state that this was within the line up. Oh, let’s also chuck in a fully working website as well.

Those who wish to continually champion the Matchbox cause just seem to be on a constant bad wicket. Blinded by past glories and the faint hope that they might be relived. But other firms are stealing a march and Mattel are just being left behind once again and playing – if they can be bothered – catch up.

Why is the simple stuff so difficult for Mattel to do? Much to the opposite of the Lambert blog, I am rooting for Majorette and hopefully they will smash Matchbox into the middle of next year.


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