New stadium and Lanzini

Lots of news coming out of West Ham in the last 24 hours.

Firstly comes the news that the Olympic Stadium capacity will increase from the initial 54,000 to 60,000 – namely to accommodate the huge surge for season tickets for 2016/17.

This is massive – we will be one of the biggest grounds in the country and with Arsenal, the biggest in London. It can only bode well for future revenues coming into the club and possibly we can make a dent in the global appeal of the club. You do wonder how many temporary fans who have been supporting Chelski and Utd over the last couple of years will sign up for the Hammers cause…………,000

Add to this, there is the admission by David Gold via that the ticket website is a load of old bollocks:

‘I agree… it’s terrible’

Replying to a series of tweets from fans criticising the website, Gold said: “I agree, our website is terrible and I’m told the new one will be great.

“Let’s hope so.”

whilst the new website does well in terms of access, news and footage content, the ticketing site does not have a record of all my past games that I have attended (since a while back) and it a tad temperamental – I would really like to see that integrated as part of the club website where you can login via your Hammers Club number…….

Finally, we have signed Lanzini on a four year contract from 1st July with an option for an extra two years – no sums have been disclosed, but all previous thought shave been around the £7.4m mark.

This is a player who has the potential to emulate Payet and do very well for us. He scored an excellent goal on Sat against Chelsea, but as usual I want to see more of him and will look more closely at the next few games coming up to see if he keeps the momentum up. Players with a bagged contract can most of the times take their eye off the ball……..I hope that he is not one of these players.



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