Majorette S.O.S. Dubai Police Cars & others


This has been a theme that has got all collectors rather excited at the moment. Even the Voice of Mattel (The Lambert Blog) has supposedly declared that he likes this, even though Majorette is a load of cock as is it not a Mattel or Matchbox product despite having far better castings which are all licensed.

Photos are from Bedouinbkk:

I mean this is a great set. A really great set. And no wonder collectors are getting excited over the Majorette brand when they are producing stuff like this. it is unique and dedicated. Very few can produce and market, yet Majorette have gone to the trouble of doing so, I can guarantee that this will be a huge success – with many clamouring ebay trying to get hold of a set. I am fortunate enough to have relatives living in Dubai, so I may have to ask them a favour.

Even Japan gets its own set of models as well.

Photo: Toyota Geek

France naturally as well:

Photo: Majorette Australia

And what does Mattel offer as a counter? A MX-5, 1971 Skyline and a G63 6×6.

And the Lambert blog still does it’s best PR job stating that Matchbox is going in the right direction! It is all well and good for Lambert to keep flying the flag for Mattel, but in the light of such releases, how can he keep justifying in doing so?

Under Jason Horowitz, the Matchbox brand is taking one step forward and 5 steps back – clearly a man who wants to make HW great and just shut the comments up about Matchbox.


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