Tomica Limited Vintage and Neo new models – August 2016

I got carried away with my last post on the September 2016 releases within the TLV and TLV Neo range, because they were just so exciting. But equally in August we also see two variations that are worthy of entry into the garage.

Firstly we have the Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 RS (E38A) from October 1989 in RalliArt livery. This really does look like a excellent model especially with the three diamond logo plastered all over it authentically as the real car had.

The other variation is the Monte Carlo Rally Edition celebrating the success in the Monte Carlo rally stages.

Both models are very unique variations and very JDM – so I am half tempted to add both to the Garage in this respect.


Then we have the land barge that is the Nissan President D (c. 1971) which was the equivalent of the Toyota Century. This is another important casting as it gets away from the mass of Cedric and Crown that just seem to keep coming up and points to Tomytec’s need to look at different castings to keep the line up fresh.


I will just be getting the one casting of the President when released, most likely the tan version.

And that does not even take into consideration Oct to Dec 2016!

So whilst there was an flat-ish start to the year for TLV and Neo castings, I can honestly say that these are real game changers. Despite the volume blocks of Kyosho waves by manufacturer such as the VW collection, smaller is better. I wait for the latter half releases for this year and more to come in 2017 – but this is all good, as it should be.


2 thoughts on “Tomica Limited Vintage and Neo new models – August 2016

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