Bburago 1/43 BMW Z8

I have now managed to get my diecast photographed that I have added to the Garage over the last few months. Reviewing my photos there is a lot to get through and muse here as well.

So I will get things started with this impluse buy from the Bburago stable. Readers will know that I have quite a few Bburago 1/43 within the Garage that are not necessarily on show. More a modern day homage to the SuperKings of yesteryear.

The Z8 by BMW is a bit of a classic in my eyes. It was Bond’s ride in The World is not Enough and limited in supply which means that it is rare to see one on the road.

1956 BMW 507 & 2000 BMW Z8 (E52)

A good effort here with all the usual Bburago detail added for less than £3.50. But I am not a fan at all of the wheels they have chosen. It does not sit well on the stance of the car and a better choice could have been made. But I have written about this time and time again in this blog in that these are children’s toys and I have no right to demand perfection.

As part of a toy basket this would not be out of place albeit a small person may have a puzzled face as to what the car is. Well that is good as this model will help with their carsical education.

For me this is an addition but not one to go hell over leather to acquire. I do need to get AutoArt’s 1/64 version which looks the business.



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