Progress with WordPress – updating

As my journey with WordPress continues I am now really glad that I have made the transition from Blogger to WordPress. As I have blogged before, WP is just a lot easier to use and powerful in terms of capability.

I also mentioned at the start of the year that I was going to look to run a few web based projects namely cataloguing diecast from the Vanguards and TLV range, but this has all been put on hold for the time being. I have now moved my first website – to a WordPress format.

It has been a long hard slog re-building the entire database, but the site was hacked and TBH I didn’t look after it well – namely as most of it was hard coded. And a small error meant that the pages had a mind of their own.

I have now got the lot on WP and I have to say I am impressed with the end result. It works. No need for me to learn coding anymore, quick editing and uploads and a saving of £38 a year on hosting. I can’t really go wrong at the moment.

Whilst I have got the mass of the database uploaded and functional, there is still all the other data that needs to be added and this will be done over time. There is no rush. Add to that 500+ images that MB guru Dave Tilley has sent me to add to the site, there is such a lot of work to do this year. It will get done.

The URL is – let me know what you think of the site and how it could and can be improved.

Now the other debate I have with myself, is now that I have mastered the basics of WordPress, do I move my Vanguards and TLV FB projects off that platform and onto WP? And then do I look at a NAS server based solution to help out with the storage of data?

Wow. A lot to think and tinker with methinks.


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