My first Matchbox after some time

I have been Matchbox’s biggest critic of late mainly because of the farcical way Jason Horowitz is deciding to run the boys division. I will be blogging about this later as under his direction there seems to be a total disconnect between markets and the philosophy of the range.

Add to the mix the utter bollocks that the John Lambert Blog seems to be haemorrhaging over the “bright future” of Matchbox, it just makes a whole joke of the brand.


When Mattel put their mind to it, they can produce something great. For the first time on about 10-12 months I have actually bought a couple of Matchbox models for myself.

Distribution had been Mattel’s biggest problem but the other day In Marktkauf, Weil Am Rhein, I spotted a must have I have been after for ages. The Jaguar F-Type. It is one of those castings which is bread and butter Matchbox – a licensed car that can be seen on the road every day.

As tradition dictates Matchbox must remain MOC. But I managed to get a few shots of the car through the blister and I have to say it looks bloody fantastic. Two tampo prints on the front and back give just enough detail and the body is a good reflection of the actual car. I need another one, so that I can have it out, but bugger knows when I will see this one again.

The Chevy Silverado is also an excellent casting as well. Lovely bits of detail on the front and rear and again fulfills the brief of making a recognisable vehicle. And with tradition, it gives you the opportunity to find out more about the car, be that via Internet or books.

I am sure that these castings were sanctioned under Jean Gomez’s leadership and indeed this is the essence of Matchbox which makes you want to collect again. But Horowitz has a different view – lack of distribution, a bollocks website and poor model choices…..above all Hot Wheels will always be flavour of the time.

It just goes to show that when Mattel can THEY CAN. And can execute very well. Why can’t they just do this as the norm?

Jaguar F-TypeJaguar F-TypeJaguar F-TypeChevrolet SilveradoChevrolet SilveradoChevrolet SilveradoChevrolet SilveradoChevrolet SilveradoChevrolet SilveradoJaguar F-Type


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