Is Jason Horowitz the new Randy Lerner?


Well, looks like Jason Horowitz is doing his utmost to fail at his job yet once again.

I just got an email promo from Wheel Collectors in the US&A the other day stating that there was a bunch of Matchbox now being released.

Yes, I know I don’t bother with MB, but I wanted to see what was about – and upon their listing they had a Range Rover Evoque – the casting that never got released in 2014-odd.

Matchbox retail the models at around the £1.20 mark. That is if you can find them in the UK. But to my shock – and pretty much disgust – the folk at Wheel Collectors have got the Evoque up at $10.99.



For a model whose value is just $1 + !!

This hacks me off. It is up to the seller what they sell the models for – we cannot dictate this, but it annoys me that the strategy set out by Horowitz at Numpty HQ has now led to models that are difficult to get hold of being sold at an overinflated price!

If Horowitz had focused on getting the basics right, like the worldwide distribution of the Matchbox brand, then some collectors would not have to pay a ransom for a $1 model and a stupid amount of shipping as well. So you could end up paying $26 for something which is only worth $1.

Such models will appeal to the child as Range Rovers are easily seen across the world, but you would really have to be some manner of idiot to pay such an inflated price for this model. Mattel should be getting the product out there to all markets as it will sell, but Horowitz is once again playing safe and still focusing on the home market of the US&A as he does not know what to do with the ROW. After all, good sales in the US&A makes sure that he can update his LinkedIn CV and ensure he gets that next position at Numpty HQ.

But more importantly it is proving he does not give a toss about Matchbox – HW is and always will be his child……he also has to look after the ugly step-brother as well.

And then you will have the Mattel blog by John Lambert praising everything that Mattel does including this load of bollocks. My question to you John is this – rather than being the spokesperson through your blog for Matchbox, can you not see that they are still failing despite your optimism that Mattel are going in the right direction – would you be daft enough to pay $10.99 for a $1 car?

And then folk wonder why there is such a sigh and disdain for Mattel and all the crap they come out with. I cannot see this getting fixed anytime soon. Indeed I had to wait almost 2 years before I clocked a Jag F-Type and I doubt I will ever see another one.

More Mattel fails – keep them coming as I haven’t even got started. And before those say “yeah but why are you bothering, you don’t collect Matchbox anymore” – well this is like watching Aston Villa this season – once Kings of Europe, they are now relegated to the Championship…….and I am curious to see if they drop into League One. Sounds a bit like the journey of Matchbox under Mattel stewardship – is Horowitz the new Randy Lerner?


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