Game over – Hammers 3, Mancs 2

This was it. The last ever game at the Boleyn Ground.

I have mused before of my thoughts on this which has been documented here via my blog. So I am not going to go on again about how emotional the day was. For some morons it seemed to be a bit too much by lobbing crap at the Utd team bus on the Barking Road. Far too much beer and just looking for trouble – pointless and more importantly what does this show the world about West Ham? Bloody idiots. It also delay kick off by 45 mins – I feel sorry for those buggers who have had to get

This was going to be a nervy game to say the least. I am not sure what impact the coach attack (what a shame to refer to that..) had on the Utd players, but it was West Ham – on the sense of the occasion – to strike first with a good hit by Sahko which could have easily have gone wide, but nevertheless it was a goal that the night needed in the right net end.
West Ham were rather wasteful in the first half with Carroll, Lanzini and Payet missing chances to make it 2-0.

And then Utd come back into it with some comical defending by the Hammers and a standard finish by Martial. 56 mins in Payet launches a delicious free kick and Sahko forgets to stoop low by heading over the bar. That should have been 2-1. And how those chances should have been converted with Martial getting his second on 72 mins.

Then the Boleyn went a little flat. Actually very flat – the  spring had left the occasion. With all the toil and effort of West Ham at the start of the  game it looked like the fizz had gone. But I should know to keep the faith and with 15 mins left there was always a chance. And it was Antonio that hit a massive header past De Gea from a Payet free kick to level it up at 2-2. The Boleyn found its voice again.

80 mins and another free kick. Payet swings in and there is Winston Reid to head home with De Gea on finger tips but failing to keep the ball out. Incredibly the score reflected 3-2 to the Hammers. Stunning. Simply stunning.

And it was a fitting end. We went out on a high. Dented Utd’s Champions League ambitions and City fans will be thanking us up and down the country.

It was a thrilling game and I was watching the closing ceremony to the early hours of the morning. Also touching to see Slaven show that emotion at the end of the game as well.

And thus farewell Boleyn. My first game was in the BM Upper against Blackburn in 1994. The last in December against Stoke. Much pleasure and also so much pain…….I think I will miss it. But the new chapter starts in three months time and hopefully my boys will see something very special happening in their lifetime.





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