Just arrived

There are quite a few folk who love the John Lambert blog – and understandably so if you are into Hot Wheels (which I am not) and like reading drivel about Matchbox (“they are going in the right direction!!”) (which I now find highly amusing.

What the John Lambert blog forgets very quickly is that there is other stuff  around. John collects what he wants, which is fine, but it does seem to get a little same, same and the continual Mattel plaudits does get rather nauseating.

One thing that the Lambert blog misses out on is just the diversity of brands, and I think – personally – he is missing out big time. But that is up to him.

Recently via the Majorette Australia FB page  we have seen some excellent stuff coming out the Simba-Dickie Group in terms of Majorette offerings and none more so than the country exclusives. I am a big fan of police diecast, but not necessarily I buy everything I see. However this was an exception and truly unique. Specific, deliberate and truly, truly special.

I will be musing about these in time – but at the moment, I am very chuffed to have this.

The Lambert blog can be all gooey over Mattel, but the consistent over looking of other brands should not be underestimated. There is some very, very good stuff around at the moment and it does not come from Mattel.

Blinkers off?



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