When Matchbox do something right

I am Matchbox’s biggest critic at the moment. No amount of spin from the John Lambert blog can disguise the fact that the brand is still is a massive rut. And yes, Jason Horowitz has been an architect of this via his tenure.


When Matchbox and Mattel do something right, they can do something very well.

This image from @RiveraNotario via the Matchbox Instagram page shows a quite wonderful version of the Chrysler 300C.

It is only a pre-pro but I think Mattel have actually nailed it. And nailed it by a mile. It looks fantastic.

Now, I am not going to promote the MB Instagram account – there is enough social media in our lives. But I had to share the image – some good work here.

No doubt that John Lambert will be all over this applying a ridiculous amount of plaudits for this. But Matchbox needs to go further – far further to ensure that trust is won back.

At the moment they still cannot get the basics right and there are very few that are going so see this model for real due to the  lack of any distribution strategy.

The Lambert blog chooses to overlook this fact. Constantly. And so does Mattel.



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