Matchbox getting it right again – or will they

This really does annoy me.

Via Aaron in NZ, Matchbox produce this little gem – the Volvo V60 Estate. Would love to know if it is marketed as the Polestar version.


Volvo cars seemed to have been absent from the 1-(fill in number here) line for some time, but from initial pics, this looks a beauty.

I don’t say this through gritted teeth, but this is “Well Done Matchbox” – a very good, and relevant casting. They have done an excellent job here, so I tip my hat off to them for pulling this off.

Now here is the problem:

  • The John Lambert blog will continue to insist that MB is going in the right direction and that people need to get behind the Pied Piper and his tune of Mattel love to ensure that MB keep churning stuff like this out –
  • Will we ever see this on the pegs outside of the US&A?
  • Why is it then that MB can produce this kind of model, yet also give a plastic bodied Transit van with less metal than a tooth filling?

Whilst giving with one hand they insist on taking away with others with still the underlying problems of distribution and availability not being recognised. MB has to be one of the most frustrating brands around at the moment – you just want to scream at them, yet they produce the odd gem like this or the Chrysler 300C which is forthcoming.

But of course, according to Mattel Public Relations (the John Lambert blog to everyone else) everything is great.

Really John, really??


One thought on “Matchbox getting it right again – or will they

  1. Ugh, I didn’t know the Transit was to be plastic bodied! I honestly wouldn’t care as much IF Matchbox painted them, just as they do with metal bodies. It would probably still be cheaper to make but it would look miles better.

    Luckily, I don’t see how the Volvo could be screwed, and I’m very happy for the decision to make it.


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