Why John Lambert can’t see reality

There are a lot of people who like the John Lambert blog – he plays to an audience and gives them all the Mattel news they can handle. Which is fine for collectors of the Mattel brands.

However, something does not seem right. And has been symptomatic of the rhetoric that the blog tends to spurl out on a regular basis, in that Matchbox can do no wrong and everything is going in the right direction.

What Lambert alludes to and does not really pay too much attention to, mainly as he is drooling over another average casting is that distribution is a massive problem. The issue is not prevalent in the US&A – I hear some are complaining, but he does get his models sent by the case load from “Lamley Partners” – so for him, the likes of Matchbox are readily available.

So when I hear or read that Matchbox is on the right path, I simply have to look at Migros here in CH to illustrate the point.

As you can see, there is just an abundance of MB (ahem…).

But have a look at Majorette – they ave ensured that there are at least 5-6 different lines here on the pegs covering all types of genre’s. Most importantly, everything is a licensed casting. Not a generic in sight at all.

I am going to come on to Majorette in the next few days (or weeks, depending how quick I get my shit together), but fact of the matter is that if Lambert thinks Matchbox is going in the right direction, then please can he explain:

1) Majority of castings are generic – why?

2) Why is there such a short peg space for Matchbox?

Reality is that outside of the US, Matchbox is failing badly – again, yet Lambert refuses to see this. Why is this? Not to break the illusion of the brand getting better? Or is he just the Mattel Patsy?

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2 thoughts on “Why John Lambert can’t see reality

  1. There are those withing the USA that are now starting to complain about distribution so even there it is starting to hurt. Now as a person I quite like John and have spoken on a few occasions over the years with him but like you I wonder what is going on. Distribution outside and to a lesser extent within the USA is not so much a problem as it is just non-existent. I have not purchased any new Matchbox in nearly 12 months because I simply cant find it on the shelves anywhere and I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices charged by some online traders, of which John is guilty of extolling their virtues as well.
    The problem as I see it is because the product is so cheap and nasty, with poor plastic designs stupid colours and logos no one wants to stock it, realism sells to children and adults alike (see Matchbox sales figures for c.2010) which is why Majorette are absolutely killing Mattel in this game at the moment.
    John has little to no credibility because he is not honest about Matchbox, and promotes the likes of the rip off traders like WheelCollectors and seems to live in a very small but well sponsored shell without any real knowledge or admission to what the average person is putting up with.

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  2. I live in Massachusetts and Matchbox are very hard to find, and take forever to circulate new stock. Toys r us is about the best we can do. Walmart is always empty and Target stopped carrying singles. Matchbox needs to do a far better job marketing them in New England!


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