The Matchbox farce continues

Most will applaud this –

John Lambert has reported that the Matchbox Land Rover series will now be available in the UK – via a so called “Lamley Partner” in the form of Modelmatic.

I wrote back in April that the Matchbox had scored yet another own goal by only releasing this series in the UK which was highly annoying since Land Rover is a British product!

But this also annoys me. Mattel should be getting product out int he shops such as the high street supermarkets to maximise the appeal of such models – and I am sure that they will fly off the pegs, as this is a unique product which would / may appeal to to adults and children alike.

But why should one have to go through a specialist to do so? Ok, they are reasonably priced at £2.49 each for a ‘premium’ product (as perceived by Mattel) but at that price point, would it not be reasonable enough to expect them on pegs within your locality?

Mattel clearly still have an issue with getting such stuff out of the US and into other markets – and it doesn’t help when blogs like the John Lambert Blog have that “look what we can get” feel about them on a regular basis. And before anyone starts, have you seen how much stuff costs to ship from the US? Exactly. It is no good getting such products made and then finding that they are only available in one part of the world – more to the point, why not start with the basics and get the distribution right? Once that is fixed, then the appeal for such models will make things even more desirable – and I might stop getting on their case and potentially start getting back into the brand again.

Just frustrating on the part of Mattel. But in fairness, kudos to Modelmatic for not jacking up the price to something daft.

I really do wait until Matchbox are back on the right road again – but at the moment, despite the re-assurances from John Lambert, they are still a way, way off………unless you live in the US or are wearing Lambert’s rose tinted sunnies.


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