New Away kit…..

Well, not really new anymore, this has been released and been out on sale for a few weeks now.

But this is the first kit that adorns the new crest for the forthcoming season and beyond.

I am not 100% on this one TBH – it looks very similar to a training top rather than a distinctive away shirt……and at £55 it is a fair bit of cash for a shirt that will only be used for one season, such the the need to the kit manufacturer to churn out as much as possible.

And then we await the home kit – I think that this will be it, if the interweb is correct:


May very well have to be a ‘sale’ job when it comes to it or get it at Gatwick with the VAT taken off…..worse still, Chavworld – but they have got the away shirt at £10 off RRP……so unfortunately, that makes sense……not that I really want to buy  anything from there.


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