Is the Lambert Blog relevant to anyone outside the US?

To quote recently the last Amby report from Dirk Schueler:

Another point that has changed is the way the team interacts with the collectors. In the old times there wasn’t any direct channel then 10 years ago the Matchbox ambassador position was introduced and some information and questions went thru the ambassador on duty and through forums. Nowadays the team spreads news direct thru Instagram with very interesting first shots and stuff that normally nobody would see. And they also interact in special occasions like the customer contest featured later. They also use the bloggers like my friends John and David to spread the news. Although the position of the ambassador is “weakened” by this new way I’m totally behind the new way things work.

So, this is becoming even more clear that the Lambert blog is now being used by Mattel to “promote” Matchbox. And TBH, this is not good at all. There are a few reasons.

  1. Why cannot Mattel be arsed with a normal Social Media channel than rely on Lambert to promote? They do it with HW, so why not MB?
  2. Lambert really does seem to get off on this – there is a constant smug look and feel everytime a new crate of MB is delivered to his residence. More to the point how on earth does he get these models in such vast quantities?
  3. Nothing ever negative is said – ever. Everything is rosy, nothing is wrong, positives pour out from every place. There is little or no balance within his writing or thoughts – which leads me on to
  4. why doesn’t Lambert just come clean and advise that he is now the Mattel Patsy for Matchbox?

I am glad to see the demise of the Amby role – it was a role that should never have existed in the first place, but out of necessity through the farce of the defunct MCCH but born out of pressure for a brand that is failing.

The “good news” consistently given by Lambert about the state of Matchbox is simply not doing people any favours, and I illustrate the point as per below – I am going to be writing about a few things Matchbox over the next coming weeks, but below is a clear sign that Lambert is appealing to a limited audience and simply does not have an objective view of how badly the brand is performing outside of the US&A.

Also, getting excited about a few licensed models is quite laugahable when you consider that the likes of Majorette do not have a generic in sight within their range. Yet there are cheers from the rafters at the slightest hint of a licensed casting from the Matchbox stable. Quite telling when the majority is just generic shite and plastic bodied.

Why on earth should the collector trust what he says when it is evident now that this is just a massive PR job?

So where is your beloved “Orange” then John in the pictures from a major department store in Basel? Clearly the Matchbox team are listening as they are just hanging of the pegs, right?






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