Big Sam at the England helm – will he choose a Hammer?

Sam Allardyce

Love him or loathe him, Big Sam did a job for West Ham during his tenure at Upton Park. He kept us up.

We must remember that Sam did everything we asked of him when he was in charge at West Ham and put all the foundations in place for Slaven when he took over.
Sam got us promoted in his first year in charge with that memorable win at Wembley in the Play-Off Final and then kept us in the Premier League the following year.
A lot of people were talking about the second year back in the top flight and the dangers that we could face, but he kept us up once again.
I want him to be hugely successful as we all want England to be successful in the future.

David Gold

So what does this mean for England?

Well, one could think that rather than have an abundance of Spuds in the team, he now may well look at the likes of Nobes, Cresswell, Antonio and Carroll as options for the national side – after all he knows how Carroll and Nobes played for four years and signed Cresswell to the club.

This could be a huge boost those in the Hammers team who have so often been overlooked for an England berth.

Big Sam may be the person to give them that chance.

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