Finally the farce is over – no more MB Amby!!

Oh good grief……

Once again Mattel are late to the party and have finally canned the MB Ambassador role. The Lamley Blog cites that there was an air sadness that there was no more Amby moving forward.

But whilst the Lamley Blog MB followers may well shed a tear, this is now a blessed relief. The dog has finally been put down. OK, I need to be careful with the wording here as the official word is ‘hiatus’ here from Mattel. But if you look a bit deeper, this is simply a ruse and due to the rise of social media – you only have to look at the death in traffic of message forums as well as the MCCH being killed off – there is simply no need for a conduit between Mattel and the collector.

One could even say that John Lambert has taken on the role of the Mattel Messenger by default due to his “special relationship” with the Mattel team, something he clearly gets a kick out of doing with the recent wave of smug posts on the Lamley Blog and the fact that he avoids any notion that the brand is broken and they refuse officially acknowledge there is a massive problem.

But for a few years the Matchbox team has been living in the past, and so have the hardcore Matchbox collectors who believed that the role of the Amby was still relevant. Since the Matchbox Instagram account – note that this is very cheap and cost effective way of getting Matchbox on social media rather than invest time on Facebook or Twitter – then it has made the so called newsletters of the Amby redundant.

This year Dirk Schleuer basically relied on information from the lamely Blog and Mattel Instagram account to provide his reports. I do normally write a review on the MB Amby for the tenure, but this year I cannot be bothered as Dirk was not that great (I could see this from the very start….). OK, he got the reports on PDF which made for easy reading, but the reports were not that interesting. To pad out, Larry Scudato’s over enthusiastic matchbox raa-raa ramblings were included, which were not worth bothering about in the slightest. Then again, I do wonder if Larry is on day release………..

Don’t get me wrong, Dave Tilley, Nigel Cooper and even Lambert (before he became a smug twat) wrote some good stuff as part of the role. But then you had shockers like Shabbir Malik and Larry Scaduto.……which turned the role into farce.

Times have changed and finally someone in the Mattel ranks have decided that Matchbox needs to have a social media presence, but on the cheap. And because of this the Amby role is no more (for the time being Lambert writes, but what is the reckoning that this will be quietly swept under the carpet and forgotten about??). More to the point, what use was the Amby role – a ‘status’ position appealing to a very small crowd of collectors, mainly based in the US?

Common sense has finally prevailed and I am sure Mattel will save themselves a few quid by not producing the daft gold bus. Will the role be missed? By the hardcore, yes. By the majority, they will simply have no clue as to what the point was……..


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