Porsche 911 GT3 RS – yours for £70…….

# Put a Pony in me pocket,
# I’ll fetch the suitcase from the van……

The infamous opening lyrics from Only Fools and Horses. And you would be right to ask if someone offered you the 911 GT3 RS set for under £80, when over zealous sellers have been touting a MSIB version on ebay for over £500.

Well, it is possible to buy a 911 set for almost a third of the price. Via Lepin.


I didn’t say it was a LEGO set that you could buy. But looking at the image above, it is almost impossible to tell the copy from the original, but I suspect that when you get up close, AFOL’s will immediately spot the flaws and differences.

The 911 GT3 RS has only just been released and I have been lucky enough to get a copy of the set as reviewed on BF. But I am slightly flawed at how quickly Lepin have got their act together to produce this knock off. Now, proper AFOL’s will laugh, mock and scorn at this version of LEGO citing that it is a load of old tut. But I have to see it differently. It is noted that LEGO are trying to make inroads into China, which is a very difficult market to crack. And within China they have another problem where copyright is not really respected and any firm can ultimately re-create a launched product under a different name that will perform identically to the original.

LEGO is expensive at the best of times and at £249.99, this is not a set that everyone will rush out to buy. For some this is a quarter of a monthly mortgage payment. So for those less well off, Lepin knock off’s may well be a viable alternative here if original LEGO is out of the price range. Let’s not forget that Porsche may also have somewhat of a beef that their IP is being used without permission. But are LEGO and Porsche actually going to pursue a lawsuit against copyright and trademark infringement that may cost millions and come to nothing?

Yes, I know it is not LEGO, and that this is basically the Dark Side of the Brick, but if I could not afford LEGO this may well be an alternative. Richard on Brickfanatics has mentioned that the quality of the Lepin product is improving – so it will be interesting to see before how long LEGO will take to officially shut down the operation. My guess is that the Clone Wars will be a long and hard battle to fight and not an easy one of that.


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