This is getting interesting

The Lamley Blog (aka the Mattel Patsy) has posted an article about the forthcoming Nissan Skyline 2000. Matchbox ran a “competition” for those interested to customise the casting to see what could be done by those out there in the collecting world.

With that some have noted a variation of the model which can be derived in stock and race version by virtue of a race harness within the drivers seat.

There is also some engine display as well which can only be seen if the rivets from the model are undone. Lambert had nothing but praise for this

File this under “Awesome because it is just awesome.”

and then went on to scribe the following:

I am sure there will be complaints about how two variations of this surely-to-be hard-to-find model will now even be more difficult to find, or questions around the reasoning of doing an engine that no one will see.  We might even see priceless arguments that go something like “stop worrying about engines no one can see and start worrying about distribution” or some shit like that.  I say enjoy the models.  Find other ways to get them if a store can’t provide.

This is getting interesting.

Lambert has stated before that comments and critique of his musings does not bother him. I beg to differ. I think it has got under his skin a tad.

He says to people’s arguments – valid arguments – such as distribution are a load of old bollocks and that one should enjoy the model. Looks like a little bit of a Mattel fightback here. Two fingers up to the those who cast doom (no doubt, he will in confidence cite my musings as part of this).

But the statement is beautifully flawed as ever by Lambert.

1) How the bloody hell should one enjoy the model when 95% of the world market may never even get to see it up front and personal?! What is the solution? Sort out the distribution as a primary goal. Get the product out to the comsumer.

2) Oh looky, an engine! But again, what is the point when you cannot see it.


And why did the Matchbox Team, specifically designer Abe Lugo, do all this?  One reason, and it is very important.

Because he wanted to.

Well Brownie Points for Abe, but when you have the likes of Siku and Majorette having opening working parts on models of this scale with an engine reveal, then this really is not that clever. Find the funding, persuade the money men to get some fun back into Matchbox by having working parts – Matchbox were famed for this in their heyday – why not do this now??

3) the most moronic statement of all from Lambert :

Find other ways to get them if a store can’t provide.

This is such a bloody stupid thing to say. But I get what he is doing. He has deals with the likes of Wheel Collectors who consistently overprice hard to find MB for any mug that will pay for them. So he is driving business to these sellers rather than encourage folk to ask their local toy store to stock them.

Good one John. Thanks for being a selfish prick. We can’t all get your bucket load of assortments you seem to receive every five minutes, nor do we live in the US&A where you claim everything is readily available like orange juice in California.

I have said this time and time again, instead of Lambert acknowledging that there is a massive fucking problem with obtaining the Matchbox product – something he does not need to worry about because of the previous paragraph – he is purposely pushing the collector to his affiliates when the going gets tough (to find such models).

Ridiculous. Can you really take what Lambert is stating seriously anymore?

On a slight different note, whilst I applaud the decision  – be it a brave one – to include this Nissan into the 1-(enter number here) range, I can’t help thinking that Mattel are slowly trying to push the range away from the child to the collector. Most who are of 30 years plus in age. So how does this decision to include this old car help the cause of getting new collectors – today’s child – into buying models they will not have heard of nor will ever see on the roads?

I can’t see a clear road ahead for Matchbox at the moment. They do have some good stuff, like the T2 double Cab and Volvo Polestar, but the rest of the journey is cloudy. Very cloudy. And Lambert is not helping move the brand into a position where everyone can obtain. But that is OK, as long as he get’s his fix, that is all that matters, right?

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