Matchbox are getting a little bit more interesting – but at what cost?

The Mattel Raa-Raa Blog has posted up tow models that are due to be cast in 2017

First is a Golf 4×4 and the other is the Chevy G30 van from 1995.

I love the Golf – this goes back to the original Lesney casting of MB7 VW Golf with the ski’s on the roof. A very novel addition. The van I can see as a delivery one or summat, not some touring van – that is very US&A……they would have been better off doing a T1 VW. But:

Whilst I fully applaud Mattel for choosing to make these models – far better than the ridiculous Chevy Estate and Hudson Hornet they opted to cast as well, I cannot help thinking that they are trying to move Matchbox away from the child and more to a small bunch of collectors, predominately in the US&A.

Is this they way Mattel want the brand to travel? Coupled with the total lack of world distribution (of course, the Lamley Blog doesn’t know anything about this as everything is seen through a tint of rose) are these yet again castings that will barely make it past the borders of the US?

I would really like to see the Golf come up and available but when you have wankers like Wheel Collectors charging stupid money for a £1.50 car, then there is little or no hope.

So, so frustrating………..and the models have not even been released yet!


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