MIA tomorrow……….

Tomorrow sees the first Premier League game to be played at the London Stadium. And the start of the 2016/17 Season Ticket for West Ham.

And this is my first experience of being a ST holder at West Ham. I wrote a while back how I could not really resist being offered a ST at £289 per season until 2018.

But despite the glitz, glam and marketing spin of the West Ham PR machine, I feel on edge.

Firstly, as I have registered my name against a UK postal address, I have zero idea if the ST has been sent out. It would have been nice to have got a confirmation email of something.

Secondly, I know I cannot go to every game. So I was pleased to see a ticket trader option that would allow me to give the seat up for each game I cannot attend and thus get a credit back to my account to use against a ST on renewal.

Despite checking the quite awful Ticketmaster website for the last 3 weeks, the facility is not up and running which means that there will be a seat empty at the Bournemouth game.

This is very frustrating and it does not do anyone any favours.

I bought the ST knowing that this will secure my seat for any match that I want to get to – it is a stupidly expensive way to do this, but there is logic (!) to the madness. And I also hedged a bet that I would be able to re-coup some outlay back by releasing the seat when not being used. Indeed, I have a friend who is going to use it in 2017, so this is not a huge problem.

But it is annoying that there are so many Hammers that could benefit from a fully working ticket trader scheme – which is even advertised within the ST Brochure when it comes through the post.

New and improved ticketing service? My arse………..

Ticketmaster should have been well prepared in advance for this and this situation is just damaging to the spectator. I have a ticket for the game, which I cannot attend and also neither can anyone else.

Yes, there may be teething problems, but from lessons learned in previous years at the Boleyn, surely these issues would have ironed out………?

As for me, I will have to suffice watching the game on Sky Sports tomorrow. I would have loved to be there in person, but such is the life of an expat. Just a crying shame that no-0ne else can benefit. Poor planning and decisions West Ham.




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